Driving, in essence, is a challenge when it comes to living in the Panhandle. America's bustling Interstate 40 divides the city, along with the construction work. It makes for a challenging obstacle for commuters, here are the 10 Commandments when driving in the city of Amarillo.

10. Thou shall NOT drive slow in the left-hand lane.
9. Thou shall NOT fiddle with mobile devices while in 'drive' in a motor vehicle.
8. Thou shall NOT leave turn signals on for 10 city blocks.
7. Thou shall NOT use the middle turn lane unless your vehicle is completely in it.
6. Thou shall NOT hang out at a green arrow and waste precious left turning time.
5. Thou shall NOT try to have a conversation with the car next to you while driving
4. Thou SHALL double check for motorcyclists on the road.
3. Thou shall NOT be impatience with the elder drivers commuting.
2. Thou shall NOT floor it through yellow lights.
1. Thou shall NOT road rage.

Be safe and patient out there Amarillo!

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