You love listening to the Bobby Bones Show every morning on The Bull, but did you ever want to take a peek into the show as it is going on? Well guess what, now you can! After a long wait, we finally revealed the new Bobby Bones Show studio earlier this year, and with it, came an upgrade for video capabilities.

Each morning, you can now watch the Bobby Bones Show on the 101.9 The Bull Facebook page using Facebook live. If you turn on Facebook live alerts for our page, you will get a notification when the show's live feed is up and running. We will also be live streaming the Post-Show Pre-Show segment after the show is done each day. That special segment recorded after the show is over each morning and is produced for the daily replay of the show that you can get right here.

If you can't catch the live feed via Facebook. we post every show afterwards on Youtube. Check out the playlist below.

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