A Texas Police Station set up a surveillance camera in the lunchroom to catch the thief who is stealing the food from the fridge.

This kind of crime happens everywhere, in every business fridge and or lunchroom. But the one place you would think something like this would never happen, happens.

A surveillance monitor was set up in the lunch room at the Dear Park Police station in Texas. Employees were tired of having their food stolen from the fridge. After a 3 week investigation inside of the police station the perpetrator was caught.

Officer Kevin Yang was recorded on tape stealing food and drinks from the refrigerator inside of the lunchroom in the police station. When asked by investigators why he did it, he said he was taking it upon himself to keep the refrigerator clean. Well, his bosses weren't so happy with his generous ways and put him on a 30 day suspension without pay and Officer Yang could face misdemeanor charges.