Because you spend enough time on Facebook and Twitter as it is, I've narrowed it down to the top 5 Like's and Tweets to follow !

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    The New Kat Country 102

    Your source for the latest in music , news and weather !

    Kat Country 102 is your source for the latest in music , news and weather, and this is THE Facebook page to 'like' if ya like winning BIG prizes like backstage passes and meet and greets with your favorite bands ! Like this page and I guarantee your going to LOVE the results !

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    Get Out Amarillo

    A great source for anything and everything Amarillo !

    If the question is ' What to do this weekend in Amarillo?' then Get Out Amarillo has the answer ! Everything from concerts to sporting events, this Facebook page will keep your calender full of fun events.

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    Seize The Deal Amarillo !

    What could be better than saving a ton of $ on things you like to do like trying new restaurants or going to the movies ?

    Like this page and get a new deal to 'seize' everyday ! Try new restaurants, check out the latest movies or even get a day at the spa for half price or more ! If you 'like' saving $ then you have to check out this Facebook page !

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    Charlie Sheen 'winning' least on Twitter

    Tigers Blood and Warlocks Oh my !

    Maybe it's the Tigers Blood, the prospect of a new TV sitcom or just his brand of crazy in general, but Charlie Sheen has over 4 million followers ! Follow him on Twitter so you too can catch zany tweets like this every day :) Heading to the Insane Clown Posse's 12th Annual Gathering Of The Juggalos!! 8/13/11 WHY..? Cause I'm down with the clown. Whoop!! Whoop!! duh..!! RT @juliet_joy @charliesheen you still winning. The Magic Indian Russell Peters is bringing the Gold and the Curry to have an epic brain feast with the Warlock in Vancouver, mon nite!

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    This 'Honey Bee' is buzzin with tweets !

    Not only does Blake Tweet non stop but he also ReTweets to fans almost as much !

    Blake has made quit a name for himself both on the stage AND on Twitter ! He's not afraid to get a little too close to the line at times and he always makes time to talk to his fans. Follow Blake on Twitter for a laugh every day ! That's it!! I can't even sleep I'm so pissed!!! After all this time and still... Why the hell doesn't any Amish people follow me?!!!! Woke up in Louisiana.... There are people walking around the bus with lots of guns!! Either I've died and gone to heaven.. Or I'm about to!! I'm so hung over right now I just put a string cheese in the toaster and told my dog "We'll flay pletch later ok?.."

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