He may be the cutest intruder of all time ! This baby Seal left his home in the nearby Tauranga Harbour and managed to cross the road, go up Swoffer's driveway and use her cat door to enter the residence. Officials told the New Zealand Herald that Lucky has already been brought back to the sea after visiting local neighborhoods twice before.

Annette Swoffer says she first encountered the seal, nicknamed Lucky, looking for a snack in her kitchen.

After sniffing around and not finding anything to its liking - including a confused dog and cats - Lucky proceeded to waddle up her stairs, jump on her couch and take a nap. He was there 45 minutes later when a DOC ranger came to send him back home.

Lucky was eventually returned to the Tauranga Harbour again - but not before he escaped from his container in the car and turned on the radio, according to Australia's News Digital Media.

Swoffer shot a video of her surprise guest before he was taken away. He didn't seem to mind, in fact he slept right through his TV debut !