Frosty the snowman wasn't such a jolly happy soul at a recent parade in Chestertown, Maryland.

Police arrested a man dressed as the popular snowman during the annual Christmas parade after he allegedly fought with a cop and kicked at a police dog.

52-year-old Kevin Michael Walsh became agitated when a dog-handling officer tried to escort him away from the crowd. It's unclear what prompted police to redirect Walsh in the first place, but cops claim that the suspect allegedly hit one officer in the face with the head from his Frosty costume and pushed another cop who tried to put him in a patrol car, according to The Cecil Whig.

Walsh was charged with assaulting two officers and the dog named Henzo.He also got hit with a disorderly conduct charge.

Walsh told The Associated Press that he has dressed as Frosty in the parade for at least 10 years. He says he was wrongfully arrested. He says an officer hassled him after he remarked about the police dog's presence. He says he became agitated only after getting arrested.Walsh was released on his own recognizance.

See, you are not the only one melting under all the holiday stress.