Hunter Hayes is on a mission to promote his new album "Storyline." The 22 year-old up and coming country star will embark on a 24 year non-stop concert series!

Just the thought of trying to stay up 24 hours anymore make me tired! I use to bust an "all nighter" all the time when I was younger, but now I can barely stay awake during my 8-hour work shift.

The 'Invisible' singer/songwriter is planning to do 10 shows in 6 different states all in a 24 hour period. But can it be done? Of course it can... the band 'Flaming Lips' has the record as of right now.

Hayes opened for the band while they were attempting the record, so he had this venture planned for a long time now.

(Source: USA Today)

                                                Hunter Hayes - 'Invisible'