For years I've been warning you about the pending zombie apocalypses. But now, there is new evidence that zombies may not be what we need to prepare for. Instead of baracading your home and preparing for the walking dead I fear we may have to prepare for an attack from the sea. The Octopi are coming. 

As you will see in the video below the octopi are learning to walk on land.  Soon people who live next to the ocean will begin to see the rise of the bubble headed, sucky tentacled, beady eyed creators as they ascend upon our turf. These chameleons of the sea will infiltrate our government and begin to initiate their evil, slippery plan into action.

Why should we fear these beast of the sea? WHY NOT!?! They have blue blood, their skin has chromatophores which allows them to blend in with their surroundings and they can grow to be huge! The arm span of the largest octopus ever recorded had an arm span of 32 feet and weighed 300 pounds.

Some octopi in captivity have learned to screw the lid off of jars. Next they'll be learning to screw the heads off of people. Plus they have beak like jaws that can deliver a nasty bite along with venomous saliva, which they use mainly for subduing prey.

So if you are walking along and see a collection of bones, spines, and shells--RUN! For you have discovered the garden of the octopi and the invasion has begun.