Yay it's Friday! I really didn't want to get out of bed today but I had to. Because I knew that you couldn't start or survive the weekend without knowing the news. You need to know you can get free county Christmas music. You need to know about expensive Lightsabers. And most of all, you need more news about Courtney Stodden. Ok, well you don't need to know them. But you may like my reaction to the news.

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Tim McGraw is allowing fans to download his new holiday song, "Christmas All Over the World", for free. You can get the song through the Boot.com.

Teen bride Courtney Stodden and her non-teen 51 year-old husband, Doug Hutchison, have turned down a reality TV show offer from VH1. They said it wasn't a good fit. What exactly is a good fit for a reality TV show about a 17 and 51 year old couple? Is it better on MTV or the History channel?

The lightsaber used by Ewan McGregor in The Phantom Menace is being auctioned off and is expected to bring in $30,000.