Justin stopped by the station today on his way to Rounders.  He'll be there this Saturday, November 19th and he'd like to see you there.  We only spent about a half hour together, but it only took a couple of  minutes for me to connect with him.  He's got an easy way about him and he absolutely loves what he's doing-touring and singing and writing songs.  And when it comes to writing songs, Justin's  'All My Best Friends Are Behind Bars'  is a  tongue-and-cheek tribute to all his" friends" Johnny Walker, Jose Cuervo, Jim Beam and Jack Daniels-'behind' the bar.  I know Justin would like to make more friends AT the bar this Saturday, so, come out to Rounders  and listen to Justin Haigh.  And after meeting him, I now consider myself one of his 'people'. And come meet the people at Big State Remodeling-they are Justin's biggest fans and they want to invite all the people of the panhandle to the party.

And now for the bonus audio, here's a track titled 'Is it Still Cheatin'  from Justin's CD 'People Like Me'. It was written by Jamey Johnson, Randy Houser and Jerrod Neimann.