Every Wednesday and Friday I look through a pile of faxes and a folder of emails and I choose a business.  I then go to Westgate Mall and see Bonnie and the gang at Great American Cookies and she gives me a gargantuan cookie cake with the name of the business on it.

I then drive to the business and say, "Here's your gargantuan cookie cake from Great American

Cookies." And they say, "Wow, you weren't kidding it is a gargantuan cookie." Then I say, "Great American Cookies and Kat Country 102 don't kid around when it comes to awarding our Business of the Week." Then we both smile and I leave and they enjoy the mass amount of cookie cake I have left them.

Today's Kat Country 102 Business of the Week is the Wesley Community Center! Good job Sarena for entering your business to receive the cookie.

If you want your business to get a huge cookie to take up space in your break room, fill out the form.