Matt Cassel's rushed over to his neighbor's house when he noticed smoke and flame's coming from the neighbor's chimney!

Matt Cassel and his wife were at home in their state of Missouri when his wife had noticed smoke and flames coming from the chimney of their next door neighbor, immediately Cassel ran next door.

When Cassel ran up to the front door and started banging on it to warn of the fire he got no response. So he then ran towards the back of the house and their he seen his neighbors exiting the burning home. The fire fighters arrived shortly after to put out the blaze.

Firefighters were not able to figure out what had started fire but the fire marshal said the house will not be at total loss, it is still under investigation. Luckily no one was injured during the blaze and Cassel neighbors are calling him a hero. The neighbor said she was not aware of the fire until Cassel came and brought it to there attention.

On another note, the Kansas City Chiefs, the team whom Cassel is the starting Quarterback for had a good season in 2010, finishing with a 10-6 record. In 2011, Chief's fans were hoping for a better season but injuries took a toll. In week 10, Cassel suffered a season ending injury when he fractured his throwing hand. The team has since fired the head coach Todd Haley and replaced him with the new coach in Romeo Crennel, who plans on keeping Cassel the starting Quarterback in 2012.