First off, I would like to say I dream of Sunny and 75 in Amarillo, but around here its more like Sunny and 95.

Joe Nichol's new single 'Sunny and 75' will definitely be a summer song for 2013, I think his voice compliments the rhythm and the guitar in the song which makes for a perfect sounding summer smash.... or should I say splash!

Nichol's is known for writing songs about having summer fun. His last single was in 2011 with 'Take It Off,' before that he came out with 'Gimme That Girl,' and 'Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off.'

Although Nichol's is yet to release the official music video for 'Sunny and 75,' he has came out with a lyric video. Something a lot of artist's are releasing before the real thing.

Check out the video below!

Joe Nichol's - 'Sunny and 75 (Lyric Video)