30 Life Hacks Tested by “Mental Floss” [VIDEO]
Ever seen a video where they give you tips, either on TV or the internet, on how to make your life easier but it turns out they don't work? Well in the popular list show Mental Floss on YouTube, sometimes hosted by John Green, they tackle these supposed "Life Hacks" and expose…
A Deeper Look Into The Fast Food We Eat [VIDEO]
Everyday you turn on the TV, you surf the internet, or you see billboards for fast food. The big companies spend thousands and thousands of dollars a year for ads for us to go out and eat their latest food creations. Well what if you could watch someone give a review after eating a certain product f…
Can Monster Trucks Float? This Truck Looked Like It Could Float! [VIDEO]
Every year out on the Canadian River people head out there to do a little mud bog. Now around town you may see some cars and trucks lifted high as can be. Maybe they are just getting ready to have some fun in the river. Check this guy out as he Floats on through a mud pit with his good ole truck!

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