Will city commissioners allow the people of Potter County to use firework in Amarillo this Fourth of July?

As a little kid I could hardly wait until the 4th of July so I could go with my parents and buy some fireworks. It was the coolest thing to me.

But now because of the drought the Texas Panhandle has had the last few years it has become nearly impossible to pop fireworks in or around Amarillo city limits.

Thankfully the rainfall this year has been much more healthier than what we have had in the past. With that being said Randall County has lifted their burn ban and allowed the use of fireworks.

As of right now Amarillo and Potter County are under a "Partial Burn Ban" set forth by City Commissioners. If you are caught inside of City Limits with fireworks you could face up to a $2,000 fine. So my question to you is: will you be using fireworks this Fourth of July?