With all the renovations happening in downtown Amarillo, Toot n Totum has been wanting to be a part.  They sent a proposal to the Downtown Urban Design Review Board and it looks like they approve.

As if there isn't enough Toot n Totums in Amarillo, they are anxious to open one in downtown.  The idea is to open a store, with a gas station, on 10th Avenue between Pierce and Buchanan.

The proposal had to be discussed and voted upon.  If a majority of the board approved, Toot n Totum would be given the green light.  Well, the board met last night and approved the proposal.  After the board members, the public, and Toot n Totum officials said everything they had to say, a vote was cast.  The board voted 6:3 in favor of the convenience store.

Since the proposal was approved, the next step is for the board members to sign a Certificate of Appropriateness. Once that is done, the contractors can begin building.  Construction dates have not been set, but I don't think they will hold off too long.

Another addition to downtown.  Now I think it is a good idea for there to be a convenience store downtown.  There are many travelers that pass through downtown heading north or south that could benefit.

Do you think it is a good idea to open a Toot n Totum downtown?