We all want Ice cubes to do one thing, and that is making our drinks ice cold. Surly not to let our friends know that we are getting too wild, and we've had a bit too much too drink. 

A MIT student has invented some Ice Cubes that monitor someones drinking, and updates them as they drink. Then sends out an alert when they've hit their limit. Now for some of us it might not sound like the coolest thing invented, but it can save a life. Inventor Dhairya Dand came up with the idea, when he had gone out to a party on campus and then waking up seven hours later in the emergency room.

He came up with the idea then created the solution as a way to prevent binge drinking. The cubes feature an accelerometers,infrared transmitters, and LED lights that change color depending on the pace of a person’s alcohol consumption. But also he has included a feature that if a person continues to drink after the lights turns red. The cubes then send out text message to friends alerting them that their friend has had too much to drink, and might need a ride home.