I LOVE a good martini, so I was very happy to see that now a good martini can earn YOU 1500 VIP points at Katcountry102.com !Yep, just head to katcountry102.com and enter "MARTINI" as today's Facebook word of the day to gain your 1500 points .Then use those points to enter cool contests and win fab prizes. Now, when it comes to the real deal, Amarillo has some great places to get your martini fix ! Butler's Martini Bar in downtown Amarillo has a huge menu to choose from including "The Cosmo" to the " The Thin Mint" which does taste exactly like those amazing Girl Scout treats. So, claim your 1500 spending points and then head downtown and try one of the amazing creations at Butler's ! Or , if staying in is more your style here's some  great recipes to try for yourself. I like my martini's with Vodka not gin, extra dry ( just away of saying extra olive juice) and jalapeno olives ! YUM !