The 2-time Super Bowl Champ decides to finish what he started before being drafted.

After being drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers back in '03 Troy Palamalu went back to school and graduated from USC. With the NFL lockout still in effect, alot of NFL players have alot alot more free time to do other things. Such as Chad 'Ocho Cinco' of the Cincinatti Bengals who tried to get into bullriding.( He only lasted 2 seconds on the bull). Or Justin Tuck from the New Your Giants who decided to go and help the tornado victims in his home state of Alabama.

Palamalu graduated with good intentions on sending a positive message to future pro athletes or any student of that matter. He said on his personal website "I decided to finish what I started and walked that stage not only because it was very important to me personally, but because I want to emphasize the importance of education, and that nothing should supersede it." He followed by saying,  "I truly love football ... but it's certainly not a replacement for an education."

Palamalu now has a college degree in History to add to his 2 Super Bowl rings.