Amarillo is Seeking Out New Events To Book For 2013
Amarillo is not the biggest or the busiest city in america, but if you grew up here or are growing up here one thing that Amarillo is slacking in is the events that we should have, but do not come though our city.
5 Things Your Future Grandkids Won’t Believe Were Real
There are some things from the recent past that are so ridiculous that we almost don't believe they really existed. In 25 years, though, they'll seem even more unbelievable. Here's our list of 5 things we'd like to put in a time capsule, so we have proof that they were, in fact, …
The Future In Area Schools
Blake here tells me that when he was in school things were done differently most of the work was done on paper or in textbooks. Also he was always copying from the boards and taking notes by pencil. Well now lately more and more schools are turning to use more technology in their classrooms.