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What To Do When Denied Access To Your Facebook Account
Who would have imagined that a decade ago, Facebook would eventually become integrated into almost everything we do online?  From keeping up with the news and with family members, to using your Facebook credentials to login to other services around the web; it has become something we almost can…
Social Media: What Steals Your Time the Most?
When I'm on my social media, I find that certain things grab my attention and I get sucked in.  Next thing I know I've been lost in videos for an hour.   However, its only a few things that suck me in, and gain my attention.
Oscar’s Favorite Vines Of The Day
Vine is a new social media network that is blowing up, but it is not like Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. Vine is a way to show off your creativity either by doing a little comedy, Signing, or just showing off what you like to do, but in only Six Seconds of Video.

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