Since the start of social media, I think that people have been getting lazier and lazier. How often do we see someone run to social media when they have a problem? You were missing your fries? Just complain on social media that will show them.

The problem is that most businesses can't and don't monitor social media twenty-four seven. It can't be done. That is why businesses have phone numbers. A very novel concept.

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Hey if I complain on social media I might get a free meal. Guess what? They will probably do the same, if the situation warrants it, if you pick up the phone. Really you don't have to be a Karen.

Potter County Sheriff's Office wants everyone to know that if you see something suspicious. If you see something dangerous there is a proper protocol. Oh, and it's not to head to social media. This is probably a situation where they need to know about it right away.

Again, it's hard to monitor social media all the time when you are actually trying to do your job and protect the people in your county. The phone is a much faster and more effective method.\

You wouldn't post on the hospital's page that someone is having a heart attack. You would most definitely pick up the phone and make a call. Why do people think that social media is a good outlet when there is something suspicious going on?

Potter County Wants to Remind You to Pick Up the Phone

They would rather check out the situation and realize it is nothing than be late to respond to something important.

Oh, and they took some time to throw some shade. Which I absolutely love.

credit: Potter County Sheriff's Office
credit: Potter County Sheriff's Office

Touche. So remember if you see something act like these are the good ol' days. Pick up the phone. Make that call. Really that is the best way to handle things.

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