Melissa Bartlett

Canyon Schools Are Going Back To In Person Classes
As we are getting closer to the month of November there are some more changes coming to some of our local schools. When the pandemic hit in March the kids were all on Spring Break. So the schools ended up extended the break for a bit while they decided what to do with the outbreak.
High Plains Food Bank Next Victim Of Temporarily Closing
This year has been challenging for a lot of our non-profits here in Amarillo. The donations have gone down of course. There have been a lot of cancelled events which usually brought them in money and donations too. After already taking this hit it is never good to hear news like this.
New Place To Get Hibachi Coming To Amarillo
I remember when I was going to school for radio at Amarillo college. I always had Wednesday's as my day to go to Kabuki for lunch. That was my first experience with Hibachi. It's fun to sit at a counter top stove and watch the chef cook your food in front of you.
Purchases For Amazon Prime Day In Amarillo
Amazon Prime Day has become a thing for all of us addicted to Amazon. It's kind of like their Black Friday helping us to save some money. Usually it happens in July but because everything else has been delayed in 2020 so has that.

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