Why Is It Called Duct Tape
Why is it called duct tape called duct tape. Some people actually think it is duck tape. Is duct tape or duck tape, well they are both correct.
This morning during random facts on the facts was about duct tape:
 If you took all the duct tape sold around the world every year, it would go around th…
Sign Your Kids Up For Swim Lessons This Summer
I don't really remember a time in my life that I couldn't swim. Oh, wait yes I can. It was that moment when I was about four years old and I was on a house boat with my family. I was jumping from side to side over the stairwell. My next memory was falling in. I didn't know how to swim…
Don’t Celebrate Constitutional Carry In Texas Just Yet
Don't celebrate just yet if you are a fan of Constitutional Carry.
The Texas Senate on Wednesday approved House Bill 1927; but what Senators approved doesn't exactly match up with what the Texas House voted on previously. That means the bill will now head back to the House where it&apo…

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