Fun date ideas in this town? You know this is Amarillo right? The only thing to do here is dinner and a movie. If that's what you're thinking, you're wrong!

It may not seem like Amarillo has a lot to do, but if you use your imagination then you can take your dating to the next level and have some fun with new, creative Valentine's ideas.

Now when it comes to romance, passion, enchantment, fascination I can go on and on.  I guess you can call me a hopeless romantic.

Here are some tips that could get help add some sizzle to your next date.

  1. RE-ENACT YOUR FIRST DATE TOGETHER! - What is more special than when you and your loved one first fell in love? This might be a tough one for guys, a lot of us don't remember what day the first date was. Good luck on this one.
  2. TAKE A FITNESS CLASS TOGETHER! - Plenty of places to do this in town. A proven fact that couples get closer than when they work out together. Take a night boxing, yoga, or Zumba class. A great way to start a healthy future with the one you love.
  3. HAVE AN INDOOR PICNIC! - Although the weather will be decent for Valentines Day, have some fun and make one inside your home. Light some candles, throw down some rose pedals and pop open a bottle of wine. This is a great way to have an intimate date.
  4. TRUTH OR DARE! - Now don't make this your whole date, definitely plan around this one. If you're having a Valentine's dinner at home, maybe play a game afterwords to keep the spark going through out the night. Be sure the kids are with the grandparents.
  5. V-DAY PACKAGE AT A HOTEL! - A bunch of hotels in Amarillo have great Valentines Day packages that are affordable. You can get a great dinner, drinks, dessert, a nice hotel room. Some hotels offer more than others, a great last minute effort to pull of a wonderful night with your loved one.

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