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The St. Tammany Sheriff's Office is reporting that the devastation of Hurricane Ida not only brought on destructive winds and rain, but the flood waters held another lethally dangerous predator that has probably claimed the life of a 71 year old Louisiana man.

From what we've learned, the Sheriff's Department is investigating a apparent alligator attack that occurred yesterday, Monday, August 30.

It was about noon yesterday when a resident of Slidell, Louisiana contacted the St. Tammany Sheriff's Office with the horrifying news that while her husband walked through the Hurricane Ida flood waters, he was attacked by a large alligator.  She states that she was indoors when the attack occurred, but after hearing the commotion, she ran to the aid of her husband to try and stop the attack.

In a report from Fox News, we learn that she was able to pull him out of the water and onto the steps of a shed and once she was able to see that the alligator had bitten off his arm, she immediately jumped in her pirogue to go for help about a mile away on higher ground.

When she returned, her husband was no longer on the steps.

The STPSO used high water vehicles and flatboats in an attempt to locate the victim, but at their last report, all attempts have been futile.

The incident is under investigation and no other information is available at this time.
Sheriff Randy Smith warns residents to be extra vigilant with walking in flooded areas as wildlife has been displaced as well during this storm and alligators and other animals may have moved closer into neighborhoods.

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