I saw an article earlier today down in the Hub City of Lubbock talking about how they have 3 seasons. Hot, Cold and Brown. Now I like where they were going with this and thought about it, I haven't spent a full summer here yet, but from what I've seen and living in other parts of Far West Texas I've come to the following conclusion... we have two seasons here:

Hot, Not Hot and between them a ton a dirt...

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Let start off with Hot, because we already had enough of not hot a few weeks back. The way I see it when other parts of the country start going into spring we just ramp up the temperatures, for crying out loud less than a month ago we were at sub zero and you want to show me forecasted temperatures in the 70s? you don't see that anywhere else but Texas and the Texas Panhandle. Let's also look at where this leads into during what other folks call "Summer." Late May through Late August and even into September it's not unusual to have pavement so hot you can bake cookies on it with air temperatures cracking 100 Degrees like it's no big thing. And with the picture above your yard can go two ways on this depending on how much rain we get... (which ain't much) let's face it... we love hot... we whine when it gets too hot but when it's colder than cold later on in the year we strive to get back to hot. we yearn for sitting poolside with a cold drink in our hand or being out and about or enjoying a nice warm evening with friends.

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Towards late October we start getting out of hot and going into Not Hot. The Clocks fall back and it gets dark earlier and for many of us here in Texas the scent of Pumpkin Spice begins to fill the air... this is your dead giveaway that it's gonna get cold. Now our definition of cold is a little different from our friends up north. Cold for us means a light windbreaker or maybe a medium jacket over the shirt if that. although occasionally the conspira... err... weather system known as the Polar Vortex decides it has other plans for us... because let's face it the only thing protecting us from the Arctic is a barb wire fence on the Oklahoma line and you get what we got here a few weeks back.

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We need cold... it's nice to have that balance. and for those of you who like a white Christmas we're fortunate enough to have that here in the Panhandle more than most parts of the state. Generally speaking this season is short lived and gone by April.

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and then... there's all the dirt...

I don't want to make this a season all it's own because this can strike at anytime during either hot or not hot seasons... I'm talkin dirt... and lots of it... now for those of you who are new here or have never had the pleasure of living in the panhandle or any part of the Trans-Pecos... We have this period between Hot and Not Hot where sure enough the temperatures aren't so bad but goodness someone turned on the worlds biggest box fan and decided to throw a few bags of red sand in front of it as some sort of sick joke or to be a total as.. wait... jerk. usually this sits about where Spring and Fall would be on the calendar for everyone else. and it gets into EVERYTHING... you can't avoid it. and you know that if it starts out windy and clear in the morning... look west and sure enough you'll see a wall of garbage coming that tells you afternoon... and misery will be here soon.

Fires and Tornadoes? Look... I'm no Meteorologist... pepper those in where you like and that's basically Amarillo weather in a nutshell

Maybe I'm wrong here... But here's to sunnier days.

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