It's no secret that we love Halloween time here in Amarillo. Just driving around you will come across tons of houses decorated, plenty of pop-up costume and decor stores, and a handful of permanent haunted attractions. Sure, places like Amarillo Scaregrounds are terrifying, but nothing compares to what lies in Summertown, Tennessee.

The haunted attraction known as McKamey Manor has been named the scariest haunted house in the United States. Now, I know what you are thinking, "Braden, big deal, it's a haunted house, what's so special about this one?" Let me start by telling you that in the last 2 years, not one person has ever completed it. Just to go into the attraction requires you to watch a 2 hour video on you tube (shown below), you have to sign a 40-page waiver, create a safe word, pass a sports physical and mental health evaluation, a background check, proof of medical insurance, and pass a drug test.

Think you are still up to the challenge of McKamey Manor? Well, if you were to make it though, owner Russ McKamey will give you $20,000. That's as long as you didn't cuss during your experience. Russ is a pretty conservative guy and deducts dollars from your prize money for each curse word. The good news is that the admission is just a bag of dog food for Russ' 5 dogs.

I decided to dig deeper into why this haunted house is more terrifying than any other attraction in the country. The big item that sets this one apart from the rest, is the hands on hypnosis. Russ plays to your deepest and darkest fears to not only have a scary surrounding, but one that messes with your mind. He is quoted as saying he can put you in a kiddie pool with a couple inches of water and tell you there is a huge great white shark in there. With hypnosis, you are going to believe you are really in the water with a shark. Each person who enters gets an experience that is customized to their individual fears. He says one that most people share is a fear of water. If you glanced through the video above, you know the 2 hour one you have to watch to even go, you may have seen a guy being buried alive. Although he isn't really fully being buried, Russ is still pouring mud on his face causing he to gasp for air. Pair that with strong hypnosis, and the victim truly thinks they are being buried alive and dying a slow death. It is some freaky stuff!

Now, after reading all of this and watching the video above, you still want to go, you can contact Russ McKamey here. Good luck!

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