One of my favorite memories growing up is of my time in the  Boy Scout program, merit badge by merit badge I made my way up the ranks. Of course there was lots of popcorn sold... but hey that's part of the fun! Between camp-outs, pinewood derby cars, and all the crafts in-between, there was genuine and memorable fun to be had during my time in the scouts.

A few years back, there was some real buzz a few years back when the idea of extending scout membership to include girls came about. It was quite the hot topic for a period of time. The usual short-sighted preconception of the Boy Scouts being restricted to a "Boys-Only Club" and such floated around, if memory serves me correctly. Don't get me wrong, I see the point in having that mindset--however, they honestly they have little if any merit.

As a child, I didn't see the world that way. I saw what we did in the Scouts as so much fun that anyone should be able to join in with us and have fun. There should really be a simplified concept of "scouting" that is free from the constraints of gender--and in many parts of the world that's exactly how it works.

With all that said, today was a special day. Why? You may already have an inkling ...

Two young women from BSA Troop 4086, Hope Ennis and Ainsley Mason, made it to the top of the Boy Scout rung by getting their Eagle badge this month. They put in the work, they did the projects (and did it at a record pace!), therefore they deserve every bit of the accolades that come with the title.

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Let me tell you something, that Eagle status is no easy feat.

For every 100 scouts only 4 will ever make it to Eagle.

There we have it. These young ladies join a proud and diverse group which includes the likes of Neil Armstrong, Stephen Spielberg, former Texas Governor Rick Perry, and many more folks who actively help make the communities they live in that much better. In summary, I do declare that for these two members of the inaugural class: there are no limits.

Congratulations to both!

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