Heads up parents. Summer is right around the corner, which means we're going to need to find all kinds of ways to keep the kids busy. Luckily, it seems that's going to be easier this year than last year.

Several places have already announced their plans for the summer season. Wonderland Park has already celebrated their opening weekend of the season. Tascosa Drive-In has put out updates regarding plans they have for this year.

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There are concerts happening again. The Sod Poodles are about to kick off their 2021 season.

Today, I saw Amarillo Parks and Rec announced they are having Starlight Cinema this year..

Starlight Cinema is when the city shows free movies in the park during the summer, one night a month. The first one is scheduled for May 21.

It lasts all summer, into August.

Starlight Cinema is a neat event. It's similar to something that most of the towns I grew up in had. Everyone grabs their lawn chair or blanket and heads out to the park. Then at dark, the city shows a movie.

The kicker is that it's free.

Their lineup of movies actually looks pretty good. Croods 2, Trolls World Tour, and Tom & Jerry are on the list.

May 21, it will be held at Memorial Park. On June 18, it will be at El Alamo. Then, on July 16 it will be at John Stiff. The final night will be August 13 at Thompson Park.

You can click on this link to keep up with the latest, and be sure to follow Amarillo Parks and Recreation on Facebook.

This is not to be confused with Starlight Theater, which is free music in the park. More on that later.

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