For many parents one of the biggest milepost for transitioning out of the toddler phase with their little ones is the day that they first set foot in school for Pre-K or Kindergarten. There's a lot of excitement and wonder abound at that age. And the folks at Amarillo ISD are working to simplify and demystify the of troublesome process of student enrollment while still adding a little bit of fun along the way with their new 'Ready, Set, Vamanos!' Initiative.

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What the district hopes to do with Ready, Set, Vamanos! is to provide an outreach for parents of children who are age four (or will be by September 21st) and are not yet enrolled in a district school. The program offers a variety of age appropriate activities for children, including scavenger hunts and a chance to explore participating campuses. Parents will also have the opportunity to ask questions and seek assistance in enrollment.

Brittany Hinz, Amarillo ISD Early Childhood Education Coordinator is on the record saying “We want parents to know we’re ready for their little one when they’re ready, and this event will give families the opportunity to come and get comfortable with the school and the teachers, and ask us anything they want to learn more about, This may help ease a parent’s mind about choosing to take this important step and enrolling their child in Pre-K or Kindergarten, even during these unprecedented times. Kids will get to have some fun around the campus and work out any jitters they might have about starting school.”

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For many parents an opportunity to show their children what a campus is like can certainly ease a child's fear and of course show a parent what the environment is like as well. Campuses that are participating in the Ready, Set, Vamanos! campaign are Coronado Elementary, Eastridge Elementary, Forest Hill Elementary, Humphrey’s Highland Elementary, Sanborn Elementary, San Jacinto Elementary, South Lawn Elementary and Sleepy Hollow Elementary, which only offers Kindergarten. The event takes place Saturday, February 27th and if you're interested you can reach out at 806-326-1320 or visit AISD Online

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