Amarillo Police Department came to win this challenge!

If you have been on Facebook the last week, you have probably seen the viral videos of police officers all over the nation lip-syncing to their favorite tunes. It all started after a post from the Bexar County Sheriff's Office, where Deputy Alexander Mena shared a video of him lip-syncing “Fuiste Mala" by The Kumbia Kings.

After hitting over a whopping one million views everyone wanted a piece of the pie! Including the Amarillo Police Department. The officer's exchange playful banter trying to find something to agree to no avail... until the topic of music gets brought up. After that, the public service duo bust into lip syncing Paula Abdul's Opposites Attract from 1990.

With over 3,000 shares and 144K views in less than three days, you can definitely say Amarillo was here for it!

I love this viral sensation. So often these days we only see Police Officers cast in poor light in the news. It is fun to see them as normal people!

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