This is a new scam the Amarillo Police are bringing to light in our area. A caller claims to have kidnapped the potential victim's daughter. Amarillo Police released that this initially started November 4, when the victim called the police to report a caller had claimed to have taken their daughter and a female in the background yelled something at the victim.

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The victim was also told not to tell anyone about this call and not to hang up. The call came from an unknown number. Police say this is a tactic often to distract the victim and not give them time to think about what's happening.

The scammer demanded the victim take an amount of money out of the bank and then drive around town and Western Union transfer it to them from different locations.

Amarillo Police Dept.

The entire time, the victim was kept on the phone with the scammer and the "kidnapped daughter" in the background.

Police were notified and the actual daughter was spoken to and not in any danger.

This incident is being investigated by the APD Financial Crimes Unit.