In 2018, Anderson East is coming back with the follow-up project to his 2015 debut album. His sophomore project is aptly named Encore. 

The 11-track record features songwriting collaborations with Summer 2017 tourmate Chris Stapleton and industry great Dave Cobb, among many other recognizable names. Read on to learn all of the important details about the upcoming release.

The Title

The title of East's sophomore album, Encore, does all of the explaining. It's the follow-up record to East's 2015 debut disc, Delilah (which also happens to be the name of one of girlfriend Miranda Lambert's dogs).

The Release Date

Encore will be released on Jan. 12, but it is available now for pre-order.

The Record Label

Encore will be released via Low Country Sound / Elektra Records. Dave Cobb launched the label and signed East, who released Delilah on the label as well.

The Album Cover

Anderson East Encore
Low Country Sound / Elektra Records

The simplistic album cover for Encore features a black-and-white photo of East, along with his autograph and the title in his handwriting.

The no-fuss cover follows East's prescription for simplicity: "That's the attitude I approach everything with: I don't want there to be a lot of dressing on anything," East says in an interview with Rolling Stone.

The Producer

Dave Cobb, the legendary producer behind award-winning albums by artists including Sturgill Simpson and Jason Isbell, is at the helm of East's Encore album.

The Singles

Co-written by East and pop star Ed Sheeran, along with Johnny McDaid and Aaron Raitiere, "All on My Mind" is a Southern rock / gospel / blues-infused tune that touches on the strong musical influences that East has mastered. The driving, mid-tempo beat and sultry lyrics lend themselves to a soulful sound.

"She can wear a nightgown to a wedding / A T-shirt to bed / A short skirt in the olden times / Some days, it's wrapped around my head," East sings in the song's first verse. "You can find my woman dancing in bare feet / On the couch in a ballroom dress / And I love how my baby looks at me / With arms wrapped 'round my neck ..."

The lyrics continue: "I said, 'Oh, honey, just like that' / I give you my loving, and you give it right back / I said, 'Oh, honey, just like this' / Hanging on, white-knuckle grip / It's all on my mind / Feel something when I kiss you good night / It's all on my mind / Feel something when I open my eyes / It's all on my mind / Feel that I could be your sweetest compromise."

East has released a music video for "All on My Mind," and he's also shared clips for two of Encore's other tracks: "King for a Day" and "Girlfriend."

The Songs

In addition to his bluesy first single, East offers up an eclectic mix on Encore, which features tunes from songwriters from across the musical spectrum -- Sheeran, Chris Stapleton and Stapleton's wife Morgane, for example -- as well as covers of songs from Ted Hawkins and the legendary Willie Nelson.

East slows things down on the sentimental "This Too Shall Last," hearkening to the gospel influences from his childhood in the Deep South. "Girlfriend," co-written by East, Aaron Raitiere, Tim Bergling and Dave Cobb, meanwhile, is a heavy-on-the-horns-and-piano throwback tune that's a little bit disco and a whole lotta blues.

Anderson East, Encore Track Listing:

1. "King for a Day" (Anderson East, Chris Stapleton, Morgane Stapleton)
2. "This Too Shall Last" (Anderson East, Natalie Hemby, Aaron Raitiere)
3. "House Is a Building" (Anderson East, Natalie Hemby, Aaron Raitiere)
4. "Sorry You’re Sick" (Ted Hawkins)
5. "If You Keep Leaving Me" (Anderson East, Chris Stapleton, Aaron Raitiere)
6. "Girlfriend" (Anderson East, Dave Cobb, Aaron Raitiere, Tim Bergling)
7. "Surrender" (Anderson East, Aaron Raitiere, Adam Hood)
8. "All on My Mind" (Anderson East, Ed Sheeran, Johnny McDaid, Aaron Raitiere)
9. "Without You" (Anderson East, Steve McEwan)
10. "Somebody Pick Up My Pieces" (Willie Nelson)
11. "Cabinet Door" (Anderson East, Jillia Jackson)

The Tour

East's headlining tour in promotion of his album, the Encore World Tour 2018, kicks off Jan. 11 in New York. More details and information are available on his website.

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