For everyone who misses the Nintendo Power Glove, we have good news -- it is still alive... kinda.

The Nintendo Power Glove was a great idea that just didn't really translate to real life when it first came out in 1989. Although the thing looked super cool and was one of the first controllers that was more a part of you than a block of plastic, the reliability of it just wasn't up to par. However, Digital Trends reports that Dillon Markey, an animator, has found an awesome (and reliable), use of the Power Glove after just a few tweaks.

Markey, an animator on 'Robot Chicken', has revamped the Power Glove to help him with one of his most tedious tasks -- stop motion films. Everyone knows the intricacies of these films, moving figures around at infinitesimally small intervals so as to showcase their movement. Before his revamped Power Glove, Markey would have to walk back and forth between the stage and his camera for every shot. Now, he has redesigned the Power Glove's interface so that it is not only Bluetooth capable, but also links up directly to the camera he's using to capture his movies. He can not only take shots with the device, but also scroll between frames, play back his already-shot footage and a variety of other commands that can be set on the number pad. The Power Glove is also spiffed up to include a magnetically-connected set of tweasers for all of Markey's small jobs on the set and a fist-bump induced, "F***in' awesome!"

This isn't a new invention for Markey, either. He's been using his pimped out Power Glove for around a year and a half now and still thinks it's one of the most awesome things ever (even if half the people who see it have no idea what it is).

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