In today's society, it is normal to post pictures of our children on social media.  We like to brag on them and show them off to family and friends, but are we putting them in danger by do this?

This past weekend, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I saw a picture of a little girl, maybe 4 or 5, and she wasn't wearing a shirt.  My first thought was why is this little girl half naked on Facebook.  My second thought was: 'oh my!  This little girl's picture is available for everyone to see.  What if some sicko gets a hold of it.'

I started freaking out.  Then I immediately started thinking about the pictures that I have posted.  I don't post pictures of my son very often, but I do post.  There are so many scary things behind this that I never realized until I saw this picture of a little girl.

First off, we are limiting their privacy.  Once something is posted online, it is there forever.  Imagine when our precious children get into high school or even junior high.  Their friends and especially their enemies will be able to dig up these photos and tease or bully them.  I don't want my son to get picked on because of a picture I posted of him years ago.

Second, you can't trust anyone these days.  Pedophiles love social media.  They find young girls and boys to target.  As disgusting as it is, there are some really sick people that are looking for pictures, and it doesn't matter how old or young the kids are.

I love to show off my son.  But I have become very guarded.  Here are a few tips that could help you protect your family.

Never post a pic as an event happens.  If you post dropping my kids off at the pool, everyone now knows where to find them.

Make sure the pictures are appropriate.  Just remember, no matter how funny it is, nothing online is truly private.

Adjust your views.  Remember your kids are going to grow up and you do not want there to be any ammo for bullying.  Always ask yourself it the picture will embarrass them when they get older.

Don't use their full names.  Call them a nickname or use their initials.

Keep your stuff private.  Remember you are a parent and it is your responsibility to keep your kids safe.

These are just some tips to help protect your kids when posting pictures of your children.  Although these social media sites are a great way to share pictures with family and friends, it is up to us to protect our children.

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