Are you addicted to Social Media? Doesn't matter which platform: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok... A recent study said that people in this country spend 54 days a year on some form of Social Media--that's if they were on it around the clock. Think about that. That's about 15% of the year attached to our phones scrolling a feed looking at other people's posts about life and their happenings and escapades. Are you one that's addicted? Or are you one that does this and doesn't want to ADMIT that you're addicted?

Now I know why there are so many goofy memes out there with sayings like "Give up Social Media for One Year and Get a Million Dollars--Could You Do it?". I'd see those and think "Heck yes--in a New York Minute!". But apparently there's a big faction of folks out there who COULDN'T. Even if they wanted to. The tough part for me sometimes is remembering that the majority of the posts you see are all the happy times and pleasurable moments in people's lives. Sure--there are some who crave attention so they post all their drama out there for the world to see. Whether it's a fight with a spouse, a divorce, kids acting up... If it's drama--you usually don't have to look far to find in on Social Media because we all have that one friend who never lets us down.

The best way I've heard it described is "You're seeing the highlight reels" from everyone. Typically no one is posting about when their kids sassed back or got in trouble, when they got in trouble at work, or when they've gotten into a fight with a significant other. It's usually all about little Johnny or Suzie's big achievement at school or in sports, or a family vacation, or a new car or house, a new job, etc. Something fun that we can all enjoy and celebrate with them. Not to mention all the cute pet pics and the funny memes. It's easy to get sucked it.

But we all need to remember to put the phone down and walk away from the laptop and experience real life. In person. And remember that every single moment in life doesn't need to be immortalized on Social Media. So tomorrow on the show--we'll talk about being addicted to Social media--and I'd invite you to share your own personal experiences with that-be it about yourself or someone you're close to. How long were you spending on line, and how did you get away from it? Call in at 9:20 tomorrow morning and let's chat!

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