The CMA Awards are generally considered the most prestigious awards in country music, and winning one is one of the highlights of any artist's career. But if an artist is really lucky — as well as consistently capable of producing outstanding work — they might win a number of awards over the course of a long career, like the artists we're taking a look at in our Artists Who Have Won the Most CMA Awards list.

You'll see names from several decades of country music on the list, and it's probably not a huge surprise which artist ended up at the very top of the pile. What's more surprising are some of the artists who just missed the cut, which includes legendary singers, songwriters and performers Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Alabama, Chet Atkins and Johnny Cash.

The CMA Awards celebrate the best of the best, and the artists who have won the most CMA Awards are the ones whom fans always know they can count on to find, write and record the very best music that Nashville has to offer. One of the artists on the list has won CMA Awards across four different decades, and is still going strong. And some of the artists that made the list probably aren't done winning, either — in fact, several of them are nominated for CMA Awards in 2019.

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Country Artists With the Most CMA Awards:

These Artists Have Won the Most CMA Awards:

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