Bailey Callahan has just released a lyric video for her new single, "Roll," and she's letting fans see it first via this Taste of Country exclusive.

Callahan shows off a gritty, no-nonsense attitude in the new song, which she wrote after going through a breakup. Her co-writers on the song were men, and they encouraged her to look at the situation from a man's point of view. The result is the furthest thing from a crying-in-my-beer breakup song; instead, Callahan is defiant in the "Roll" lyrics, shrugging off the temporary pain and moving on.

"Flow like a river / Roll like a coaster / The way I cope, I bet your mama never told you / Burn like a fire / And never see the smoke / I'll be drowning in a bottle but you're never gonna know / It never gets old / When you're a rolling stone / Baby I was born to roll," she sings in the chorus.

Callahan gives an edgy vocal performance over the top of a blues-country dirge that wouldn't be out of place on an Eric Church album, and it's an unexpected delivery from an 18-year-old female, one that sets her on her own musical path.

Callahan released "Roll" on Feb. 28 as part of a series of new songs she'll be releasing in 2020. The Florida native now lives in Nashville, and in the course of two years in town she has performed more than 300 shows, according to her official bio, appearing alongside artists including Luke Combs, Hunter Hayes, Locash, Scotty McCreery, Jessie James Decker and more.

For more information about Bailey Callahan, please visit her official website, or keep up with her via Facebook and Instagram.

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