Evan Paul is the host of Taste of Country Nights, a syndicated radio show heard on more than 100 country radio stations nationwide. Producer Amber co-hosts the show with him every night from 7PM to midnight. Together they play the best new country music and interview today's top stars, like Brantley Gilbert, Justin Moore, Maren Morris + more! 

I have only done an actual karaoke night twice in my whole life, but both times I sang "Something Like That" by Tim McGraw. That was one of the first country songs that got me hooked on country music. I know every single word, and in my head, I sound just as good as Tim does when I sing it. To the audience, I sound nothing like Tim does.

When I asked Amber this question, she immediately said "Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks. She said every single time she hits a karaoke night, that is the only song she will ever sing. It gets the crowd excited every time. Who doesn't like this song?

What about you? What's your favorite country song to sing at karaoke night?

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