I was looking for something to watch the other day on TV and decided to see what was available on Netflix.

While scrolling through the Documentary section, I came across the movie 'Blackfish.'

This doc talks about a Killer Whale, Tilikum, who has been responsible for several deaths of Trainers at Sea World.

I went to Sea World in Orlando once when I was 14 with my parents, but after watching this movie I doubt that I would ever make a return trip.

Some of the videos in this moving are disturbing, so you may want to watch it first before you let your kiddos see it.

If you are an animal lover, I strongly urge you to watch this movie and come to your own conclusion, but here are a few things that I took away from the film.

  • Taking these whales out of the ocean is just like someone who would take away a human mother's baby away from her. (my heart broke as I watched the Mother Whales crying/shrieking out and staying near their offspring as the babies are being captured).
  • In the wild a killer whale's dorsal fin is always pointing up in the air versus one in captivity. Captive ones end up getting a curved fin.
  • Sea World was offered to be a part of the film, but declined.

The one question that I kept asking myself is, 'what if I was watching this movie and people were substituted for the whales?' I think everyone would agree that this is animal cruelty.