Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to have Blake Shelton waking you up? If you were hoping for dulcet whispers, you're in for a surprise.

The singer and coach on NBC's The Voice has two new Amazon Alexa alarm tones, and both are very Blake Shelton-y. If you like to wake up with a chuckle, they're for you. Preview both alarms here (be sure to swipe to hear both):

"Who wouldn’t want a little Blake Shelton to help them ease out of bed in the morning?" Shelton asks. "That’s what Alexa and I are here for. I’m happy to help my fans get a start to their day."

Want Shelton's voice as your wakeup alarm? Alexa users, find the "Reminders and Alarms" menu item in the app, pick a device, tap "alarms" and then follow this sequence: Manage alarm volume and default sound — Custom Sounds — Celebrity — Blake Shelton.

Then just like that, Shelton is crowing about how he'd already be working by the time your lazy butt gets out of bed, or he'll be encouraging you to drink ... coffee.

Shelton recently started his 14th season of The Voice. He's also touring and promoting his latest album and single, "I Lived It." His song "I'll Name the Dogs" was recently nominated for an ACM Award in the Single Record of the Year category.

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