Brad Paisley has released a music video for his song "Heaven South," one of the tracks on his upcoming album, Love and War. As with the clip he released for his song “selfie#theinternetisforever,” the country star invited his fans to help him film his "Heaven South" video, in Franklin, Tenn.

On the night of April 14, Paisley put out the call on Twitter: He was headed to Franklin's town square the following day at 5PM, and he needed "country fans" to act as extras. Fans responded, showing up in the Nashville-area town to be part of the video. Readers can press play above to watch the finished product.

Paisley wrote “Heaven South” -- which opens Love and War -- with Brent Anderson and Chris DuBois. The song’s lyrics celebrate “Old Glory wavin’ atcha as you’re drivin’ by the courthouse,” the days when there’s “a bunch of lawn chains in the living room / ‘Cause there’s a UFC fight on Pay-Per-View” and the mornings marked by “eggs on the griddle, coffee in my cup / Farmer on a tractor, kids on a bus.”

“Drive down Main Street, and everybody’s there / Subwoofers booming like cannons in the square / Sign says ‘no cruising’, but nobody cares,” Paisley sings in the refrain of “Heaven South,” surrounded by a chorus of “oh”s. “I got a girl to put my arm around / It’s just another day in Heaven South.”

Paisley’s Love and War is set for release on April 21. The project will feature multiple collaborations, including songs with Mick Jagger, Timbaland, John Fogerty and Bill Anderson; the song “Gold All Over the Ground” also features Johnny Cash as a co-writer. In addition to "Heaven South," Paisley, Anderson and DuBois wrote Love and War's third track, “One Beer Can,” together.

Love and War is available for pre-order from iTunes.

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