NBC, a major news organization, made a serious faux pas when it came to reporting the death of astronaut Neil Armstrong over the weekend. The network said that classic rock musician Neil Young had died, adding that he was the first man on the moon. But they weren’t alone. Upon hearing the sad news, many took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Lance Armstrong’s bad week, being that he had been stripped of his Tour de France titles… and then died. Hoping to take advantage of people’s misconceptions about which Armstrong is which, perennial prankster Brad Paisley played along, pretending he too had them mixed up.

Paisley took to the Twittersphere to make a few jokes about the misreporting of facts, musing about Neil Armstrong losing his Tour de France titles. He then jumped to jazz singer Louis Armstrong, citing that he was the first man on the moon. He also praised the musical talents of the great Lance Armstrong, namely ‘What a Wonderful World,’ which is Louis’ signature tune. Paisley’s gut-busting tweets certainly shined a light in a time when Americans are mourning the loss of an icon, Neil Armstrong.

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