Brad Paisley has been known to invite fans on his stage for wedding proposals, but Sunday night (Aug. 7) in St. Louis, the singer took part in something even more unique: a couple's baby gender reveal!

Paisley told fans about the unveiling on Twitter, calling it one of the "coolest" moments ever. "Okay, the baby gender reveal thingy tonight in St. Louis was about the coolest thing ever. We've got video of it, we'll post it in a bit," he writes.

During his show, Paisley had a young couple on the stage with him who were holding a sign that asked him for help in revealing the sex of their child. After introducing the couple to the crowd, he held the sealed envelope in his hands.

"This is the gender of your baby and you want me to reveal it right here?" he questioned as the couple nodded in unison.

Paisley then asked if they had any other kids while opening the envelope. They said they have two daughters.

"Place your bets!" he told the audience. "Wow, that is terrible writing. I'm not kidding. But oh, wow — it's a boy!"

The happy soon-to-be parents embraced before Paisley congratulated them, handing them back the envelope and some guitar picks as the audience screamed.

This isn't the first time Paisley has helped a couple announce big news. In May, he played photographer as a young man proposed to his girlfriend at his concert. Then, last month, he helped assist in a proposal the second time around as security got in the way when one young many tried to propose at Paisley's concert in Arizona. Watch the video below to see how Paisley gave another couple a night they will never forget.

Brad Paisley Helps a Marriage Proposal

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