Brad Paisley pulled a hilarious prank on the Swon Brothers during their show in Green Bay, Wisc. on Thursday night (Jan. 29).

The brothers have been out on the road as a support act for Paisley. They were in the middle of performing a cover of the Eagles' 'Life in the Fast Lane' when the video screen behind them suddenly departed from its normal programming, projecting the words, 'Zach Colton is a Detroit Lions Fan.' That drew good-natured boos from the hometown crowd of die-hard Packers fans.

Then, after showing a few key scenes from some games, the screen lit up the phrase, "Zach, WTF?" as Swon and his brother Colton reacted with good humor, struggling to continue the song despite their laughter.

That's when Paisley -- whose current tour is being sponsored by Kraft cheese -- brought the song to a halt when he entered the stage bearing a Green Bay Packers Cheesehead hat, which he settled on top of Zach's head, saying, "Wear this for the rest of this song," as the crowd roared.

Paisley also screened some footage of him sticking a slice of Kraft cheese to Swon's forehead as he slept.

"I don't even think I can finish that song," a bewildered and cheese-headed Zach remarked as Paisley exited the stage.

Paisley's one of the biggest pranksters in country music, but he'd better start looking over his shoulder. The brothers promised payback in a post to Facebook, saying, "Well Brad Paisley got us last night.... he better watch him self these next couple weeks!!"

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