Brandy Clark's "Who You Thought I Was" connects the stages of a failed relationship, and it does it in a way that only Clark can.

Throughout her career, Clark has been a master storyteller with the ability to weave lyrics together to create a seamless story that makes you feel like you're actually living the song. This particular song takes on numerous perspectives that change over time about a relationship.

"Who You Thought I Was" isn't quite a breakup song, but it isn't a love song, either. Clark somehow hovers right over the line between love and heartbreak.

The "Hold My Hand" singer begins the song by sharing her hopes and dreams of what she wanted to do with her life before getting into a relationship. Then she effortlessly transfers into what she wanted to become after she found her loved one.

There's a stark contrast between wanting to be a cowboy or Elvis, two traveling jobs with freedom, to then wanting to acquire specific traits and be a better person that is "almost close" to being worthy of their love.

Over the verses, in particular, "Who You Thought I Was" shows how much she has changed because of a relationship and how it has bettered her as a person.

Once her significant other stopped loving her, her life and wants have changed once again. "I wanna be the me I should've been when we were together," she sings. The last line hits the listener deeply: "I wanna be who you thought I was."

With her haunting vocals and ability to relate to anyone who has experienced heartbreak, Clark has proved her expertise in telling a story with true emotion.

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