Mention the name Brett Eldredge, and you'll see all the ladies swoon. With his bright blue eyes, sexy scruff and heart-melting smile, the Illinois native has more than enough selling points -- and he's pretty fun to be around, to boot.

The 2014 CMA Awards New Artist of the Year knows how to have a good time, whether he's on stage and taking a selfie with fans or inviting his fans to karaoke for almost three hours. Eldredge is sexy, sure (have you seen his "Mean to Me" music video?), but he's also goofy, thoughtful and utterly charming. He loves his mama and his dad, visits sick kids in the hospital ... and, oh, did we mention he can sing?

While the "Don't Ya" hitmaker is pretty much a top-notch guy, we especially love the silly side of Eldredge. There are lots of celebrities who take themselves extremely seriously and wouldn't be caught dead wearing sweatpants, sporting silly hats or letting loose -- but not Eldredge.

In the photo gallery below, we spy him "feeling up" Mother Nature, getting up close and personal with a pig, walking around in public in a sailor hat and attempting to eat some fake grass. The pictures say a thousand words.

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