Brett Young's blankie has a name and a reason for still hanging around in his bed at night, some 30 years after most men give it up. The Taste of Country RISERS singer recently talked about why he still cuddles with his childhood blanket.

"Mr. Blankie" stayed with him long after his older half-sister moved out. "I don't know why that made me really weird at bedtime ... I don't know if I was afraid of someone breaking in or if it was just really dark," Young says. "When you're that young you don't know what you're afraid of, you just know that you're afraid. It went from this thing that was in my crib when I was a baby to this comfort blanket."

Young was recently chosen as one of seven Taste of Country RISERS, artists the industry agrees are poised to break in 2017. The singer told his story during his RISERS interview, talking a bit about how influential his parents were in his life and music. Their love story inspires him, he says.

The California native is not married, but whomever he finds will need to make room for Mr. Blankie. Fortunately, he's found a way to clean it without destroying it — the method involves a pillow case and gentle detergent (he's a sensitive man!). Watch Young's performance of his current single "In Case You Didn't Know" below. His self-titled debut album is available now.

Brett Young Performs His Hit Song "In Case You Didn't Know" 

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