Crime is everywhere, including small towns like Canyon. Police there have seen a sharp increase in burglaries around town lately. Residents have reported vehicles and storage units broken into as well as other stolen property. During just the last few days, police have responded to several reports of burglaries of vehicles in the Hunsley Hills and Creekside neighborhoods.

"I think people think that it won't happen to me, or they just they forget that Canyon isn't 'Mayberry,'" Cayon Police Chief Dale Davis told our news partners at KVII ABC 7. "Mayberry is a fictional town, they might not have crime there. But I'm telling you we do in Canyon. All communities around here have our share of crime. Every time we have these, I tell people, lock your doors. This crime is preventable. Burglary of motor vehicle is preventable, all they have to do is hide their things in their car."

Chief Davis believes that the increase in theft has to do with more people seeming to leave valuables visible in the vehicles. Keys, money, and other items that are easily spotted and grabbed during the robbery.

"All they have to do is hit that button to prevent themselves from being a victim," Davis said. "That's all it takes. These crooks most of the time, they won't break the window, they'll just go to another easier target down the street."

Along with the vehicle related thefts, Chief Davis also reports that roughly 21 storage units have been broken into on the north side of town in just the last few days. All the units reportedly had locks, however, he says that doesn't stop criminals from finding ways to get in. The Canyon Police Department has teamed up with Amarillo Crime Stoppers to help find the suspects involved in the storage unit burglaries. Anyone with information, is encouraged to call Amarillo Crime Stoppers at 806-374-4400. If your anonymous tip leads to an arrest or the recovery of stolen property you could earn a reward up to $1,000.

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